remember swine flu reblog if ur a tru 2009 kid

People were practically drinking hand sanitizer during that shit

A pharmaceutical company, Genentech, used the crisis to sell the government £650 million worth of Tamiflu which in clinical trials turned out to be no more effective than paracetamol.

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Anonymous asked: I manage a CountryBall page on fb, CCCPball(Soviet themed) Lately the other admins have been stealing OC from other CountryBall pages and have finally pissed them off. I'm the only admin that has realized that this is wrong. I'm not willing to be a part of it anymore. I realize I am a Marxist on the run from corrupt Marxists. Am I "Trotsky" in a way now? The admins are acting immaturely but on a scale of "Marxism" they are more Marxist then me, what do I do? Am I bad comrade for this?

For reals? That’s a really cool page! While it is the duty of Marxists to appropriate property from the bourgeoisie, art is personal property and shouldn’t be taken like that. You’re right to call out your fellows and their ‘Marxier than thou’ credentials are meaningless if they’re acting like shitlords. Watch out for MSPaint drawn icepicks, though.


The National British Resistance, a cult like fascist group, is offering left-wingers the chance to be reborn.
Anyone fancy getting touched by some old Nazi to cure our leftie disease?




Salute to Americans who tell the truth! (part one)
Paintings by Robert Shetterly.

Martin Luther King Jr.
Malcolm X
Frederick Douglas
W. E. B. Du Bois
Sojourner Truth
Rosa Parks
Harriet Tubman
James Baldwin
Cesar Chavez
Chief Joseph Hinmton Yalektit

Some of the great old ones…

These paintings look so amazing in-person. Very luminous.

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Okay I’m done reblogging non-cute, non-me stuff for the time being, but this was hilarious.


Okay I’m done reblogging non-cute, non-me stuff for the time being, but this was hilarious.

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'HUNKS of Nicaragua Calendar', United Fruit Company - an activist group of radical gay men, Boston, 1986. A queer celebration of Sandinista beefcakes.




Reposting my randomly generated lands due to a bunch of image failures on the previous post.  Remembering how fun these were makes me want to do some more!

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AhhhhhhhhhhhhHhhhhhhh she’s so prettyyyyyyyyyyyu